Balloon Art Photos is a place for Balloon Artists to share pictures of their art for the SOLE purpose of sharing.

This means that pictures you upload to this site will be available for other Balloon Artists to USE AS THEY SEE FIT.

We have strong ethics so here are the RULES:

If you are publishing a design that you have learned from a digital download, a dvd, in person from the creator or you know for sure who originated the design – please give credit in the photo description.

If the original creator will ask us to delete the picture (by contacting zivi@balloonartistpodcast.com) we will. If they ask us to add a link to where people can buy the explanation material – we will add it to the photo description.

Please try to be accurate about the collection that you set for your pictures. If you feel you need help with that, contact me on the Balloon Artist FB Group that follows closely around topics like the Balloon Artist Podcast, the Balloon Artist College, the Balloon Stock app and the Balloon Art Photos ventures.

Selling pictures on this site is also possible, but ONLY if you also contribute some pictures for free. I recommend at least 50% pictures for free to gain some credibility first. There is a 50% commission involved (to support the maintenance of this site) and you will be paid once a month through paypal (paypal commission might apply too).

NOT ALL pictures will be approved. We also keep the right to delete a picture without notifying or asking for permission. This is to keep the quality of the pictures on the site amazing.

Use ANY type of balloons!

If you buy a picture on this site – you can download it from your dashboard for one week ONLY. Hurry up.

If you download a picture you may use it with your customer, even tell them the design is yours (careful there… they might spot the difference!). Use the photos online, on your flyers – whatever you need to do to sell those designs. BUT don’t brag on FB groups of Balloon Artists that the design is yours. Give credit to this site and potentially to the original designer if applicable.


Zivi Kivi

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